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And Sometimes I Think I Can Feel You... [Standalone.]

 Title: And Sometimes I Think I Can Feel You... [Standalone.]
Author: lyfeisgood
Pairing: Gerard/Mikey (Not Waycest)
POV: Mikey's 
Summary: "Gerard? Can you promise me something?"

Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied death
Disclaimer: I only own this story, though the characters are based on real people. 
Author Notes: Title is from Framing Hanley's "Alone In This Bed (Capeside)". And I don't know why this was posted as "87" earlier.

Word count: 300

"Do you ever think about the future?" I asked quietly, hands behind my head.

You looked at me, head turned at a questioning angle, "I don't know, I guess. Why?"

"Just wondering..." I trailed off, eyes tracing shapes in the sky.

You reached over to hold my hand, giving it a light squeeze, "You can tell  me, y'know."

I smiled at you briefly, "I's scary."

"The future?" I nodded.

"It can be. But it's okay. We've got each other." You assured me. I tightened my grip on your hand to show I agreed.

We were both silent for awhile, until I broke it, "Gerard? Can you promise me something?"

You'd frowned at my tone, instantly serious, "Yeah, Mikes, anything."

"Never leave me?"

"Never, Mikes. I promise." You told me, and I could have sworn there were tears in your eyes as the words slipped from your tongue.


And here I am. Sitting in that very same clover patch, watching as the sun dips below the horizon. But it's different now. My hands are cold without you here to hold them. Everything's cold. And those tears that you never dared shed? They're raining from my own eyes.

I guess I really shouldn't say raining though. You always said that the rain was beautiful, that it would glow if the light hit it just right; That when the moon was high the raindrops would bring life to the darkest of nights. You always were poetic.

But these tears aren't beautiful. You were what had made them beautiful. It was a tragic kind of beauty, but beauty nonetheless. And without you here they're anything but.

But maybe, maybe they can be. I reach forward, plucking luck from the earth, and I could swear you're here with me.

"Never, Mikes. I promise."

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