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'Cause I've Waited For All My Life [Standalone] To Be Here With You Tonight

 Title:  'Cause I've Waited For All My Life [Standalone] To Be Here With You Tonight
Author: lyfe_is_good
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
POV: Gerard's 
Summary: Gerard has trouble sleeping.

Rating: Hard PG-13
Warnings: Mild sexual content and harsh language
Disclaimer: I only own this story, though the characters are based on real people. 
Author Notes: Title is from Kill Hannah's "Lips Like Morphine".  And did I mention I hate the ending?

Word Count: 822

I hadn't been sleeping lately. And no, it wasn't because of nightmares or the people in the room next to us. No, this hotel's walls were pretty thick. And it wasn't because of the heat, or the cold on those nights when the air-conditioning was much too high. It was because of him.

Frank and I had roomed together a lot this tour, what with Mikey being back home and all, and because of this I could never sleep.

It wasn't that he snored, because he didn't. It wasn't that he really talked in his sleep. And it wasn't exactly that he moved either. It was, in a sense, but the main reason I hadn't been sleeping, was that he dreamed.

I'd usually wake up at two in the morning to Frank unconciously rubbing against me. I could feel his erection through his boxers as it brushed against my leg. He'd moan breathily in my ear, and that in it's own was enough to make me come on the spot.

But one night, when he was dreaming, he moaned out a name. My name. And everything just went downhill from there.

It's no secret that I like Frank. Nobody knows, but I'm not trying to keep it hidden, just not flaunting it, so this drives me insane. Especially the next morning when Frank doesn't remember a thing. 

I can't just tell him. I mean, how awkward would that be, "Hey, Frank? I woke up last night to you humping my leg. Just thought I'd let you know!"

How about very?

And here I am, laying in bed trying to get those precious hours of sleep before he starts and wakes me up. I feel Frank's back against mine, his breathing beginning to slow as he falls asleep. I soon follow after him, drifting away.

And then I feel it. He's grinding aginst my hip. One of his legs in between mine so he's half laying on me, which is a new and only partially unwelcome change. He's panting and groping at my chest. His head is resting against my neck and he's gasping out my name, "Gee! Oh God, Ge-Gerard! Oh fuck! Right there! Gahh! Gerard!"

And it doesn't take a genius to know he's dreaming about me fucking him. It doesn't even take an idiot to figure that out.

He starts readjusting his position so he's grinding directly into me. I stare down at his closed eyes and sweaty form. His chest is uncovered, because unlike me, Frank doesn't sleep with an undershirt on. I can see the muscles in his back contracting as he rocks against me. The feeling of him against my member makes me moan.

He grinds down harder and the moans grows louder, until suddenly, he stops. I whimper in protest, cracking an eye open. Both of my eyes snap open when I see him staring at me, lips parted slightly in confusion.

"Oh shit. Ger-Gerard, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, I was dreaming I swear." He rambles climbing off of me.

"I know."

"I'm really sorry. I'm just gonna go ge- Wait, what?" He asks from his spot by the door.

"I know." I repeat, "You've kinda been doing it for awhile now." I stand as I say this, inching my way across the room towards him.

"I-I have?" He seems nervous, eyes darting back and forth, searching for an escape

"I'm not mad Frank."

"You're- You're not? But- but I...?"

"Shhh." I place a finger to his lips and he falls silent instantly, "It's okay."

"No it's not, Gee. I'm not supposed to want my best friend. It's just not right!" He whines when I remove my finger from his lips.

"Frank? Just shut the fuck up." I press my lips against his and he freezes. After a moment's hesitation his arms wrap around me and he begins to pull my shirt over my head. We break apart for a moment after he does, and simply stare at one another.

And then he's pressing against me firmly, hands threading through my hair as he kisses me passionatly. He guides us back to the bed. Frank pushes me back, crawling on top of me instantly. His lips attach to my neck while his hands run along my sides. I moan, fisting his hair with one hand while the other grips his shoulder.

His hands continue stroking my ribs, inching lower and lower as he does. He slides my boxers off but I barely notice since the treatment he's giving my collarbone is almost too much.

I clumsily rip the rest of his clothing away, moaning when his skin is against mine. He licks a trail up to my ear and nibbles my lobe gently, "Fuck me, Gee."

I don't hesitate in flipping us over so he's beneath me, "Are you sure you want this?"

He flashes a lopsided smirk, "If I didn't, would I have asked?"

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